KeyGrabber Keyboard - the invisible hardware keylogger.
  • KeyGrabber Keyboard - the invisible hardware keylogger.
  • KeyGrabber Keyboard - the invisible hardware keylogger.
  • KeyGrabber Keyboard - the invisible hardware keylogger.

KeyGrabber USB Keyboard

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KeyGrabber USB Keyboard. The ultra stealth & elegant solution. Premium USB hardware keylogger embedded into the USB keyboard.

Installing the KeyGrabber Module seems too difficult? The KeyGrabber Keyboard is the ultimately comfortable solution! Pre-insatalled  hardware keylogger module makes the keylogger truly invisible for human eye and software scanners. It's the best monitoring & surveillance tool for office security managers, teachers or worried parents. By choosing the suitable KeyGrabber module version you can now decide to access data remotely (WiFi) or download it by classic USB mode. By ordering the KeyGrabber Keyboard you will get a bundle of: genuine USB keyboard, keylogger module and our installation service. Your keyboard will work out of the box! Yes, it's so simple ;)

Base keyboard model: Dell KB216 Black
Keyboard layout: US (QWERTY)
KeyGrabber Module to be installed: Basic Flash (16MB USB access)
Product available with different options

KeyGrabber Keyboard USB - an advanced keylogging module embedded into the genuine, hi-quality USB keyboard. 

Best and ultimate stealth solution for not only surveillance, security and investigation profs, but also for teachers and parents. In world of information, full of online hazards , it's always better to know what's typed around. If KeyGrabber idea is something you like but installation is to difficult, time consuming or simply impossible - the KeyGrabber Keyboard offer would fit your needs exactly. We'll install the KeyGrabber Module for you into one of the genuine USB keyboards we offer. Yes, it's so simple!

Although we still offer the USB Mass Storage data download mode for the modules, the physical access to the keylogger is not longer needed to retrieve the logged data. Simply connect to it over Wi-Fi to download the log file or configure the device remotely to receive e-mail report or automatically backup the data to remote FTP server. Please refer to Premium and PRO module options to get USB download feature and keep all the WiFi advantages at the same time!

KeyGrabber Module WiFi active device act as Wi-Fi hotspots or Wi-Fi client. You can connect to them with any Wi-Fi device like smartphone, tablet or laptop. The  device will serve  the WWW page with the data log, download link & advanced configuration options. This extremely small USB hardware keylogger is completely transparent for computer operation, no software or drivers are required. It's 100% stealthy and does not pop-up as a system device.

KeyGrabber Air USB hardware keylogger supports over 40 national keyboard layouts, including the selection of most popular languages and keyboard layouts used throughout the world. Yes, of course it logs NumPad numbers as well as all other special keys if needed (you can enable or disable special keys logging).


As there are many different keyboard models and layouts around the world, it's simply impossible to keep all of them on our stock :( sorry for that! We've done our best to select the optimal price/quality blend of available options for most popular keyboards models and layouts, but if your requested keyboard model or layout is not listed, please contact us to discuss the customized installation service options. We will check all the possibilities with pleasure! Please mind that not all of the keyboards are suitable for keylogger module installation - but no worries, we don't make empty promises and will not offer any solution until confirmed to work fine in our tests!


List of main features of available modules versions:

  • Basic Flash: basic option of classic hardware keylogger offering 16MB Flash memory with fast USB access. It's based on famous KeyGrabber Classic device.

  • Basic Air WiFi: basic option of hardware keylogger offering remote access only (WiFi). All professional features are enabled: WiFi client and Access Point modes, programmable e-mail reports, FTP backups, software Time and Date Stamping (Internet Time server based).

  • Premium WiFi: 16MB Flash + WiFi  - sophisticated device that combines both USB data access and all WiFi features known from Basic Flash & Basic Air modules.

  • PRO WiFi: state of the art modular hardware keylogger offering 8GB storage with fast USB access, full set of WiFi features and additionally: the hardware Time & Date stamping module based on the hardware chipset with real time clock supporting battery. 

Read more about our KeyGrabber Air/Pico/Classic USB WiFi hardware keylogger usage by downloading our PDF documentation:

WiFi Quick Start Guide

The only genuine KeyGrabber Module hardware keylogger is always made in Poland by Electroware and offered on