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KeyGrabber MultiLogger


The KeyGrabber MultiLogger is a multiple channel keyboard (or bar code scanner) recorder. It can monitor up to 8 USB or PS/2 keyboard (or bar code reader) lines and store the recorded data to internal 8GB flash memory. Recorded data can be viewed at any time by switching the device to Flash drive mode. Additionally, recorded data can be streamed in real-time over Ethernet to any chosen IP address. The KeyGrabber MultiLogger does not interfere with keyboard (bar code reader) operation, and does not require any drivers or software. Supports national keyboard layouts.


Take advantage of the unique features:

  • - Simultaneously records from 4 keyboards or bar code scanners (HID mode)
  • - 8 Gigabytes internal memory, accessible as a USB Flash drive
  • - Memory protected with strong 128-bit encryption
  • - Each channel can be independently configured as USB or PS/2
  • - Ethernet link (RJ-45), allowing data to be streamed in real-time
  • - Date and time-stamping (by hardware RTC unit with backup battery)
  • - No software or drivers required, Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible
  • - Transparent to computer operation, undetectable for security scanners
  • - Quick and easy national layout support
  • - Included 115/230VAC external power supply, Ethernet RJ45 and Mini USB cables


Please check the User's Manual for more information and contact us to discuss any customization requirements or ideas.


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National Layouts

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KeyGrabber MultiLogger Manual

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