• Keylogger

    The world's smallest and smartest USB

    PS/2, WiFi hardware keylogger. 

  • SerialLogger

    Serial interface (RS232) loggers and recording devices.

    Choose between RSLogger and SerialGhost device families according to your

    particular implementation or project requirements.

  • VideoLogger

    Familiar with the hardware keylogger concept?

    Why not take this to the next level and log entire screenshots instead of only

    keystrokes? That's precisely what this tiny hardware video-logger does:

    silently records screenshots and stores them as JPEGs to an internal flash.

  • Multilogger

    Multi-channel keyboard recording

    The KeyGrabber MultiLogger is a multiple channel keyboard recorder. It can

    monitor up to 8 USB or PS/2 keyboard lines and store the recorded data to

    internal flash memory. Recorded data can be viewed at any time by switching

    the device to Flash drive mode. Additionally, recorded data can be streamed in

    real-time over Ethernet to any chosen IP address.

  • hardware keylogger

    The world's widest selection of best hardware keyloggers and mouse jigglers including USB and PS/2 devices, starting with well known KeyGrabber Classic and Nano models, offering superior features and great value. and ultra small form factors for the new generation of KeyGrabber Pico and KeyGrabber Air models. Finally the KeyGrabber Forensic offered as the USB cable extension hardware keylogger truly invisible for human eye. Make your model's choice, select add-on options (WiFi module with professional functionality, Time&Date Stamping, up to 8GB memory) to create world's best hardware keylogger ever: your keylogger.

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