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Wi-Fi USB keylogger now available! KeyGrabber Wi-Fi hardware keyloggers send E-mail reports with recorded keystrokes.
Compatible with any USB keyboard, totally stealthy, time-stamping available. The most advanced hardware keylogger available...
What is a hardware keylogger?

What is a hardware keylogger?

A hardware keylogger is an electronic device capable of capturing keystrokes from a PS/2 or USB keyboard.
A hardware video-logger is a tiny frame-grabber for capturing screenshots from a VGA, DVI, or HDMI video source.
KeyGrabber is the world's leading manufacturer of hardware keylogger and video-logging technology.
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Hardware keylogger installation
Hardware Keylogger installation
Installing a hardware keylogger takes less than 5 seconds!

Wi-Fi wireless keylogger access
Wireless hardware keylogger
Wi-Fi keyloggers send E-mail reports with recorded keystroke data via Wireless LAN
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KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium

Hardware keylogger - KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium
  • Captured keystroke data sent through E-mail reports

  • Connects to the Internet through any Access Point

  • Supports WEP, WPA, and WPA-2 security schemes

  • Free Windows application for accessing the keylogger over TCP/IP

  • Flash drive mode available both in USB and PS/2 versions

  • 4 Gigabytes of internal memory in all versions

  • Internal clock and battery with over 7 years lifetime guaranteed!

  • No drivers or software necessary, compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Mac Compatibility Pack (MCP) ensures full compatibility with Mac computers (MCP version only)

  • Ultra compact and discrete, less than 2 inches (5 cm) long

  • Built-in time-stamping module, just like the KeyGrabber TimeKeeper

  • 50 different national keyboard layouts available

  • Full feature set of the KeyGrabber USB or KeyGrabber PS/2

Why use a hardware keylogger?

  • For protecting kids from on-line predators and other hazards

  • For checking what your employees are doing during their working hours

  • For checking if your spouse is cheating on you

  • For checking what your Internet connection is being used for

  • ...and several more, see keystroke recorder benefits

Interested in a larger order or resale? Please contact us for purchases of 5 or more units.

The world's first Wi-Fi hardware keylogger

KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium

How does it work?

If you're not familiar with the hardware keylogger concept, please take a look at our standard USB keyloggers and PS/2 keyloggers. The KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium inherits all that functionality, including Flash Drive mode, Text Menu mode, USB Download Accelerator, configuration options, and keyboard layout support. The main principle is very simple though: just plug the keylogger in-between the keyboard and computer.

The KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium keylogger also incorporates a built-in WLAN transceiver and TCP/IP stack, meaning it can connect to the Internet through a Wi-Fi Access Point. To do that, you must provide it some basic data, such as the Network ID and password (just like any WLAN device). Once connected to an Access Point, the keylogger will start sending E-mail reports with captured keystroke data to any recipient E-mail address you supply. This means you can keep track of what's happening on the monitored computer from any place throughout the world, just by checking your mailbox! KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium - E-mail reporting

KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium - KL Tools
KeyGrabber Nano Wi-Fi - KL Tools
The KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium also features a TCP/IP interface, for on-demand access at any time. You can remotely download recorded data from the keylogger, using special software delivered with the device.

The control software can communicate with multiple Wi-Fi hardware keyloggers, allowing to create entire networks of wireless keyloggers. This solution is particularly recommended for monitoring several computers in a household, or controlling employee productivity in companies.

Which version do I need?

If you want to monitor a USB keyboard (rectangular plug), choose the KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium USB. If you want to record a PS/2 keyboard (round plug), pick the Wi-Fi Premium PS/2. Both versions come in several color options: black, gray, white, and purple.

USB and PS/2
There is also a size- and price-optimized version of this product available, named the KeyGrabber Nano Wi-Fi.

KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium - monitoring banner

Is this legal?

Technically speaking, you should contact a lawyer to get detailed information about the local laws, and the application for which you intend to use this device for. Generally it's permitted to monitor your own computer, meaning you can watch what your kids and family are doing on the computer. If you want to monitor your employees, or perform any other type of surveillance, you should display a clear notice about this fact. It is obviously NOT LEGAL to use this device for any type spying, or stealing confidential data.

Want to learn more? Read the KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium User's Guide or simply ask us.

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