The Keylogger.

Wi-Fi USB keylogger now available! KeyGrabber Wi-Fi hardware keyloggers send E-mail reports with recorded keystrokes.
Compatible with any USB keyboard, totally stealthy, time-stamping available. The most advanced hardware keylogger available...
What is a hardware keylogger?

What is a hardware keylogger?

A hardware keylogger is an electronic device capable of capturing keystrokes from a PS/2 or USB keyboard.
A hardware video-logger is a tiny frame-grabber for capturing screenshots from a VGA, DVI, or HDMI video source.
KeyGrabber is the world's leading manufacturer of hardware keylogger and video-logging technology.
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Hardware keylogger installation
Hardware Keylogger installation
Installing a hardware keylogger takes less than 5 seconds!

Wi-Fi wireless keylogger access
Wireless hardware keylogger
Wi-Fi keyloggers send E-mail reports with recorded keystroke data via Wireless LAN
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